New 1099 form – 1099-NEC

Unless you are certified tax nerds like us you may have missed a new and (not so) exciting change to the world of 1099 filing. The federal government has created a new form, called form 1099- NEC. This form was created specifically to report payments made for Non-Employee Compensation (hence 1099-NEC).

What is NEC?

  • Payments for compensation, commissions, fees, prizes and awards for services performed. Commonly known as payments to subcontractors or contractor payments.
    • Reimbursements or payments for goods does not count for these tests
  • The payments must be $600 or more for an annual period, not including amounts not considered (see above).
  • Paid by a business (individuals are not required to issue a 1099’s in most cases)
  • The individual or business receiving the 1099 has not already been paid as an employee for these payments
  • The business whom would receive the 1099 is not incorporated. Corporations and S Corporations do not need to receive 1099’s annually.

You will notice, however that there is still something called a 1099-MISC form. On the 1099-MISC form you would report other payments as per prior filing requirements, just not for form 1099-NEC recipients.

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Anthony Momany, Managing Member, Capstone CPA Group PLLC

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