Construction contractors, welders, manufacturing and CNC machining companies. We know about the special tax and accounting for your industry.

You work with your hands and have the drive to make things happen.

Most days you are running twelve hours straight just to find that bid unfinished and waiting for you at the shop. Do you have to find another copy of yourself, or is it time to think about your time differently? We offer many packages to simplify your life.

Let us focus on the accounting details so you can focus on your business. We would love to talk to you about business relationships that go beyond filing your tax returns.

Lowering taxes

There are many important things for you to consider as you prepare your business to lower your tax bill

– Can you separate the company equipment from the operating business?
– Can you separate ownership of the building and vehicles from the operating business?

If it has been more than one year since you considered your business taxes, and if you have never thought about the options above, we should talk about how we can save you money now and when you sell the business.

Cash Flow issues

If you are in business sooner or later you will have cash flow issues. So, having a good plan for how to handle issues such as:

– Budgeting for large projects
– Business lines of credit
– Contract terms
– Invoicing and days of collection
– Inventory and Payables
– SBA loans and collateralized loans

Make sure you have the correct tools to deal with these and other issues

Insurance issues

Insurance can be your single largest expense outside of labor and materials for jobs. But while most companies spend ample amounts of time analyzing how to trim costs for Cost of Goods Sold, most companies do not even consider the insurance costs outside shopping for rates every few years. Some important things to consider include:

– Classifying employees for workers compensation insurance
– Liability insurance considerations
– If you use subcontractors, do you require them to carry their own insurance

Reach out to us to learn more about how to save money on insurance. We have the tools and experience you need.

Specialty issues

Companies in the construction contracting, welding, manufacturing and CNC machining industries have very specific issues that go well beyond year end tax returns:

– Bonding issues
– Business owner’s personal guarantees
– Special loans types
– Special reporting to banks
– Multiple state and local returns
– Special property taxes

If you have special tax and accounting issues, we have the tools to help you with growth.