What does accounting mean to you?

Accounting is the business of information. Without useful financial information your business can falter, or experience stagnated growth.

This love of information and specifically financial information is what has always drawn me to the accounting industry. When I was new to the business, I always explained it as ” I love helping businesses and individuals”. I think as we grow, we have more time to analyze what things are really important. I have also found myself trying to define what that means.

Accounting to me is the conduit by which businesses and individuals can make informed decisions in their personal and professional life(s). If you think about it, it is very hard as a business to make a major decision without some financial component that surrounds or supports that decision.

Next week I will spend a little time talking about quality financial information, and the unintended consequences of having poor, or outdated, or useless accounting information/records.

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