Yes, You Can Appeal an IRS Decision!

If you disagree with an IRS decision also known as an IRS determination letter about your taxes, rest assured that you’re not alone. The IRS has an Office of Appeals that works with more than 100,000 taxpayers every year to address their IRS appeal. If you’re facing a tax dispute over an IRS letter, the first step we recommend is that you call our office. We can help you evaluate your claim, review your options and work with you throughout any IRS appeal. Often we can obtain the same result, without having to go through the lengthy IRS appeals process!


There is no charge for filing an IRS appeal with the federal government, and the process is designed to arrive at an objective resolution to your dispute with the IRS. If you decide to file an appeal with the IRS, it would involve an in-person or phone conference or thorough correspondence with an employee of the independent appeals organization “with the IRS”. We can help you prepare your appeal and participate in an appeals conference with you. Usually, you do not have a second chance to file an appeal with the IRS, so it is very important to get your facts correct and organized before the appeal has been filed.We offer knowledgeable advice on all your tax concerns, so be sure to contact us with all your questions.

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